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With the full of beauty care services and new colors for you to choose from, you are ensured to enjoy the best services in our effort of doing a great job. Let’s take a look at our price list below!! Our nail salon is always committed to bringing you a reasonable price!



This treatment consists of soaking your feet in the whirlpool pedicure tub; followed by nail filing, shaping, cleaning, exfoliating your legs & feet, and a relaxing massage with hot towels & polish of your choice.

• Herbal Neck Hot/Cold Pad Extra $10
Has all the goodness of a Classic Pedicure, but also comes with a sugar scrub. Your feet will be wrapped with a special callus remover gel to help your heels be soft and smooth. Finish with the cooling gel and polish of your choice.

• Herbal Neck Hot/Cold Pad Extra $10
(Free Callus Remover)

Start out with tropical sugar scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells. Then your feet will be continuously pampered with a tropical mask, callus remover, hot towel wrap, 2 hot stones, signature organic lotion massage, and polish of choice.

Choice of scent:

* Herbal Neck Hot/Cold Pad

• Herbal Neck Hot/Cold Pad Extra $10
$50 It is a unique balance of nutrients and essential oils that helps repair dry, damaged skin. Luxury formula infuses skin with intense hydration that lasts for hours and stimulates the senses with therapeutic aromatherapy. Relax when your feet are pampered with essential oil and 4-hot stone massage.

Choice of scent:
* Lavender
* Orange
* Lemon
(Included Paraffin Wax)

Relax while callus treatment softens rough areas on your feet and removes any dead skin cells. Say goodbye to your tired, dull complexion and hello to bright, healthy skin when our favorite combination of paraffin wax and 4-hot stone massage leaves you so relaxed that you won't want to leave.

Choice of your scent:
(Included Paraffin Wax)
Enjoy the therapeutic benefit of a green tea-infused spa pedicure that hydrates and detoxifies. Feet are softened in a green tea soak, exfoliated away tough calluses, and smoothed away rough and dry skin with green tea scrub. Followed by green tea mask wrap, 4 hot stones and green tea cream massages, and polish of choice.

• Herbal Neck Hot/Cold Pad Extra $10
Its carefully formulated steps result in an unforgettable spa pedicure experience.

* Step 1 - Collagen Crystals - Create a warm soothing bath made with natural sea salt that detoxifies and soothes skin.

* Step 2 - Collagen Sugar Cane Scrub - Helps tone and renew texture, while collagen diminishes lines and wrinkles leaving skin younger-looking and feeling smooth.

* Step 3 - Collagen Cream Mask - Draws out impurities and added collagen helps to maintain the skin's youthful beauty.

* Step 4 - Collagen Muscle-Relaxing Gel - Refreshes and relaxes muscles. Instantly revitalize tired legs and ease muscle tension. Massage in for the soothing and warming effects.

* Step 5 - Collagen Massage Lotion - Creamy lotion hydrates and moisturizes with natural oils and plant-based collagen, leaving skin silky and smooth throughout the day.

* Step 6 - Collagen Serum Lotion - Maintains skin's softness.

Choice of scent:
* Lavender
* Orange
* Number 5

Awaken your senses with our signature Jelly Pedicure. Feel your worries slip away as the Jelly bath sensation soothes your mind while a hint of refreshing aroma helps to elevate your mood, and relieve aching muscles. With the translucent and fluffy Jelly, it looks like having your feet walking on the sand at the beach.

The package includes:
* Foot soak in sparkle jelly bath
* Special organic sea salt scrub
* Massage with the jelly
* Hydrating paraffin treatment
* Hot towels & hot stone massage
* Cream massage
(Included Paraffin Wax)

Pamper and enjoy yourself with our exclusive pedicure, a fun bubbling and fizzing explosion on the feet! The luxury pedicure exfoliates all skin types, deeply moisturizes, and boosts collagen production, which eventually reduces fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin more youthful, radiant, and healthier.

* Step 1 + 2: Detox Volcano Crystals & Activator combine to release a fun, bubbling, and fizzing Volcano Eruption that blasts away dirt and impurities.

* Step 3: Exfoliating Sugar Scrub - Clears away dead skin and reveals newer younger-looking skin.

* Step 4: Collagen Cream Mask - Cleanses & nourishes skin for greater elasticity and beauty.

* Step 5: Collagen Massage Lotion - Moisturizes as the collagen replenishes skin for a beautiful, youthful glow.

* Step 6: Spa Liner

* Hot Shoulder Wrap

Choice of your scent:
* Pearl
* Green Tea
* Lavender
(Included Paraffin Wax)

Ready for your feet to feel like a million bucks? Try the CBD Pedi that started it all. This rich scented bath is going to make your feet soft and smooth. CBD will help with aches and pains. You deserve this type of royalty!

* Steps 1 & 2. CBD Detox Volcano Crystals & CBD Detox Volcano Activator combine to release a fun, bubbling, and fizzing Volcano Eruption that blasts away dirt and impurities.

* Step 3. CBD Exfoliating Sugar Scrub - Clears away dead skin and reveals newer younger-looking skin.

* Step 4. CBD Collagen Organic Cream Maske - Cleanses & nourishes skin for greater elasticity and beauty.

* Step 5. CBD Collagen Organic Massage Lotion - Massage into the skin for a silky soft feeling.

* Steps 6-10. Disposable: Sanitizing Wipe, Spa Liner, Buffer, Pumice & File

* Hand and shoulder heated pad.
(Included Paraffin Wax)

Our spa's top offering! This package provides you with everything you could want in a premium pedicure experience. We invite you to soak your feet in a warm bath of milk and freshly cut slices of oranges, exfoliated away rough skin with fruit-blended organic sugar scrub, and wrap your feet in the freshly tropical mask, followed by callus removal, hot towel, 6 hot stones, and signature organic lotion massage, hot shoulder wrap and polish of choice. This is truly a sweet retreat for your feet, hand, and shoulder heated pad.


Relax while your polish is removed, your nails are shaped, your hands are soaked in moisturizing soap. Then, cuticles are cleaned and conditioned, nails are buffed to a healthy shine. Hand & arm massage is carefully followed by the polish of choice.
Say goodbye to the world's most frustrating nail problems – chipping, cracking, weak, flimsy nails and say hello to nail color that lasts for 14 glorious days, while still maintaining the health and strength of the nail even after the polish is removed.
(Deluxe + Gel Polish)

Deluxe manicure starts out with tropical sugar scrub and essential organic oil to exfoliate dead skin cells. Then your hands will be continuously pampered with a tropical mask, hot towel wrap, signature organic lotion massage, paraffin, treatment, and polish of choice.

Enjoy a high-end spa experience with effective and healthy organic products! Containing certified organic ingredients, this manicure upholds a higher standard of beauty with a complete system that deeply moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin. It comes with all the benefits of the fruits: orange, and lemon, remove all dry skin with organic honey sugar scrub. Wrap your hands with a homemade mask with antioxidants to preserve younger-looking skin.
Princess Menu

Princess Menu

If you want to pamper your children with an enjoyable experience and help them truly relax, we are the place.
Princess Manicure $15
Princess Pedicure $25
Princess No Chip Gel Polish Manicure $25
Princess No Chip Gel Polish Pedicure $35
Polish Change On Hands $7
Polish Change On Toes $8
Gel Polish Change On Nails $15
Gel Polish Change On Toes $17


Eyebrows $12
Lips $7
Chin $7
Full Face $35
Underarms $20
Half Arms $25
Full Arms $35
Half Legs $35
Full Legs $50
Additional Services

Additional Services

Polish Change On Nails $10
Polish Change On Toes $15
Gel Polish Change On Nails $22
Gel Polish Change On Tóe $25
French $7
Gel Polish Removal $7
Take-Off Full Set $15
Cat Eyes $10
Chrome $10
Gel Add On $13
Nail Repair $3 +
Design $5 +
Cut Down $3 +
10 Minutes Massage $10
Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Classic $90
Hybrid $110
Volume $110
Mega $130
Nail Enhancements

Nail Enhancements

Full Set

Acrylic $35
With Gel $45
Pink & White $60


Acrylic $22
Pink & White $40 Backfill
With Gel $35


Shape Extra $5
(Oval, Stiletto, Coffin, Table Shape)
Length Extra $5+
French Extra $7
Gel Polish Extra $15
Healthy Nail

Healthy Nail

(Dipping Powder)

Free to create strong and durable nails, and provides a natural and comfortable feeling. It's stronger than acrylic, silk, and fiberglass yet extraordinarily lightweight and transparent. Most importantly. Healthy Nails 2K is harmless to the nail beds and non-yellowing.

Dip On Natural Nails $40
Dip With French $48
Dip With Manicure $50
Dip With Tip $45
Dip Ombre $55
Take-Off $3